On September 17, 2002, Kim Jong-Il admitted that N.Korea has been abducting ordinary Japanese citizens at the Summit Conference held in Pyongyang N.Korea.
Since then the Japanese Government currently acknowledges 11 abduction cases with 16 victims.

NARKN has received thousands of requests afterward and NARKN sees the situation has come to serious pass.
Then NARKN has decided to establish COMJAN as an independent organization to investigate those requests on January 10, 2003.

Some abduction cases have begun retroactively 1940s' but most of the cases are concluded as committing suicide and/or running away from home. Even police force has discontinued to investigated some abduction cases.

The information related to N.Korea is certainly insufficient under the current circumstance because only few cases have been investigated as the point of view from N.Korean abduction activities.

Formal Name: Investigating Committee on Missing Japanese Probably Related to N.Korea
Establishment: COMJAN is established on January 10. 2003 as the independent investigation organization from the Department of Investigation of Missing Japanese on NARKN (National Association for Rescue abducted Japanese by N.Korea.)
Purpose:COMJAN investigates missing cases, those may possibly be related to N.Korean abduction activities, to solve whole abduction issues.
Activities: (1)investigating missing Japanese whose families have turned in the request to search for them and missing Japanese whom COMJAN have received information.
(2)gathering information from N.Korean escapees.
(3)request and propose a motion to the government and its related organizations to investigate those missing Japanese.
(4)give counsel to the families who have turned in the requests to COMJAN.
(5)produce and transmit short radio program to N.Korea.
(6)balloon project, COMJAN collaborates with S.Korean NGO to send balloons to N.Korea. The balloons have fliers which have a couple of messages which one of them is written Japan and S.Korea have been working to rescue all the abduction victims and the other fliers are asking for any kind of information related to N.Korean situation.

Official Members
Kazuhiro Araki, Representative of COMJAN and professor at Takushoku University

Kazunori Okada, Co-Vice chairman and self-employed businessman

Tatsuru Murao, Executive Director of COMJAN, also producer and editor for short-wave radio program Shiokaze/Sea Breeze.

Osamu Eya, Managing director and journalist
Hiroshi Kawahito, Managing director and chief of Lawyers' Union
Shoji Sugino, Managing director and Secretary-general for Supporting Families of Missing People with High Possibilities as Abductio Victims by N.Korea.
Hitoshi Sehara, Managing director and employee at the public cooperation
Hideo Soda, Managing director and Hideo Soda is responsible for investigation.
Hiroshi Miyake, Managing Director and Yao City Councilman
Masaharu Muto, Managing Director and Ageo City Councilman

Jun'ichi Saito, Directora
Minoru Nakamura, Director and Funabashi City  Councilman
Tadashi Hojo, Direcor and Tsuruga City Councilman
Shiro Mizuki, Director and Fukuoka City Councilman
Hiroyuki Moriyama, Director
Yuki Yakabe, Director for general affairs.
Shigeo Yamashita, Director and a professor at Yamanashi University

Shoichi Tsuchida, Auditor and Secretary-general at the

Yoshiaki Fujino, Advisor and joint Representative at the Association of  Lawyers for Rescue of Japanese Kidnapped by N.Korea

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Tel: 03-5684-5058 Fax: 03-5684-5059
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Website: http//www.chosa-kai..jp

Related Organizaitons:
National Association for Rescue of Japanese Kidnapped by N.Korea(NARKN)
Representative: Yoshiaki Fujino
Association of the Families of Victims Kidnapped by N.Korea(AFVKN)
Represantative: Shigeo Iizuka
Union of Congressmen for Rescue of Japanese Kidnapped by N.Korea
Representative: Takeo Hiranuma
Union of Local Assemblymen for Rescue of Japanese Kidnapped by N.Korea
Representative: Takayuki Tsuchiya

Association of Lawyers for Rescue of Japanese Kidnapped by N.Korea
Joint Representative: Yoshiaki Fujino and Shinsuke Kimura

Request for Contribution and Donation
COMJAN humbly asks for donation and contribution because the organization's activities are maintained by contribution and donation.

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Yoshiaki Fujino, Advisor and joint Representative at the Association of  Lawyers for Rescue of Japanese Kidnapped by N.Korea

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